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On Stage

DebraKate GabyDanisLegs C0015-24A
Gaby & Dani's legs at Starlet's last birthday party, Berlin 2000,
featuring Mrs. Gaby Tupper

DebraKate CameliaGloria C0057-1A
"Gloria" - Lena Valaitis version, Berlin 2002
featuring Camelia Light

DebraKate PenisNightRehearse 0050
PenisNight rehearsal at Bastard, Berlin 2003
DebraKate GiselaTurning 0845-multi
Gisela turning, Berlin 2004
featuring Gisela Sommer

DebraKate LindaWong 0859
Linda lip synching while the audience rushes the gong,
Berlin 2004
featuring Linda von Tennstaedt

DebraKate BendItStreetParty 5872
Street party, Bend-It Queer Youth Arts Festival, Seattle 2003
DebraKate StellaSpinning 4862
Stella spinning at the Queens in Space show, Berlin 2003
featuring Stella deStroy

DebraKate PaulaLaundryBasket 0865
Paula on a laundry basket,
Berlin 2004
featuring Paula Sau

DebraKate Guantanamera 6093
"Guantanamera", Berlin 2003
featuring SHEva, Johnny Kingsize & Océan

DebraKate UnisexBoys 7350
The Unisex Boys at Wigstöckel, Berlin 2003
DebraKate Wigst03CurtainCall 7390
Curtain call, Wigstöckel 2003
featuring Chicago Rose with The Kingz Connection

DebraKate PerpetualIndulgence 7360
Perpetual Indulgence, Berlin 2003
DebraKate FrustellaOpenStage 7405
Open Stage at Wigstöckel,
Berlin 2003
featuring Frustella Antipasti

DebraKate IndyDragdom5 7523
Indy, Dragdom at IDKE.5, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate LusterModerateIDKE5 7678
Luster moderating the Showcase, IDKE.5, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate QueenBeesIDKE5 7731
The Queen Bees, IDKE.5 Showcase, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate JohnnyKingpin 1671
Johnny Kingpin & the Kingpins, Great Big 4, Washington, D.C. 2004
DebraKate KenVegasIDKE5 7716
Ken Vegas, IDKE.5 Showcase, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate DisposableBoyToys 7706
The Disposable Boy Toys, IDKE.5 Showcase, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate SassKingsIDKE5 7790
Sass Kings, IDKE.5 Showcase, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate ThrillerLeroi 1714
Thriller Night - When fears and prejudice come to life, Great Big 4, Washington, D.C. 2004
featuring Leroi Rococoa of the Cuntry Kings

DebraKate ChicagoBorgsGB4 1799
Borgs - The Chicago Kings, Great Big 4, Washington, D.C. 2004
DebraKate SexyGalexyIDKE5 7784
Sexy Galexy, IDKE.5 Showcase, Minneapolis 2003
DebraKate JohnnyKatGB4 1836
Johnny dancing at show's end, Great Big 4, Washington, D.C. 2004
featuring Johnny Kat

DebraKate DominiqueMotion 0488
Dominique in motion, Berlin 2004
featuring Dominique Träschick

DebraKate FronckAusnahme 9881
Ausnahme Party, Cologne 2003,
featuring Fronck de Séster with Moritz G.

DebraKate AldisTchuessDM C0044-05A
The Aldis dancing at the Tchüss Dee Mark show, Berlin 2001
featuring Vera Titanic & Daphne de Baakel

DebraKate SorddHollyJR 9818
Fanny & J.R. with arms outstretched, Washington, D.C. 2006, featuring Fanny Biggs & J.R. Stranger of A Sordid Collective


All photos copyright ©2008 Debra Kate.
Please do not use without permission... Just ask.


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