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Self Portraits

DebraKate WithQTip C0010-23A
With Q-Tip, Berlin 2000
DebraKate GlamorGirl C0019-33A
Glamor girl, Berlin 2000
DebraKate Pig 1111
Pig in space, Berlin 2004
DebraKate RayBlueLight 2204
Ray in the blue light of the john, Berlin 2004
DebraKate EasterBasketCardLampEtc.0298
Self portrait after the show with Titanic Easter basket, birthday card from Todd, another self portrait with Johnny Cash giving the finger & lamp, Berlin 2003
DebraKate BackstWigstWithToni 7443
Backstage bathroom at Wigstöckel, Berlin 2003
with Toni Transit

DebraKate Ecstatic 5242
Ecstatic in the Karaoke Bar Bathroom, Monster Ronsons, Berlin 2005
DebraKate SandyDiscoMoment 6932
Sandy has another disco moment in the bathroom at the club, Berlin 2003
DebraKate ContemplatesLife C0049-16A
Miss Debra Kate contemplates the meaning of life (with crying child), Berlin 2002
DebraKate Aerobicisor C0021-06A
Aerobicisor, Berlin 2000
DebraKate BathingBeauty 7892
Bathing beauty with Princess Leia headpiece made from party buns, Berlin 2004
DebraKate PrimaBallerina 2023
Prima ballerina, Berlin 2004
DebraKate KissInStride 2174
Taking a kiss in stride, Berlin 2004
with Toni Transit

DebraKate HowToBeHappy 5176-multi
How to be happy - Illustrations 1 & 2, Berlin 2004
DebraKate ReallyFastDancer C0021-0A
Really hard dancer, Berlin 2000
DebraKate Sass 7104
Sass! 6AM and still going strong, Berlin 2003
DebraKate CharleeDucking 5308
Charlee ducking behind the counter, Berlin 2003
DebraKate WakeInChickenMakeUp 6255
Waking up in chicken make-up, Hamburg 2003
DebraKate RelationshipsFail 4558-multi
Why relationships fail
DebraKate Tussi C0018-30A
Tussi, Berlin 2000
DebraKate StarletEscapesFans 1563
The starlet escapes her fans in the sanctuary of the coat check, Berlin 2004
DebraKate AfterWorkout 7706
Happy and fit after the workout, Berlin 2005
DebraKate ChickenAtRest 6253
Chicken at rest, Hamburg 2003
DebraKate SuaveButTired 2238
Suave but tired, Berlin 2004
DebraKate HeroWithKaey 0084
The Hero of all Time, Space & Action in the bathroom at Bastard with Kaey, Berlin 2003
DebraKate PartyingWithMuse 5155
Partying hard with the muse, Berlin 2004
DebraKate Jester C0030-13A
Jester, Cologne 2000
DebraKate ChickenBelowDeck 6261
Chicken below deck with Colin Smith Wesson & his friend, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg 2003


All photos copyright ©2008 Debra Kate.
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